Creative Ways to Entertain the Kids This Winter

As the novelty wears off the new toys Santy has brought, boredom sets in. Add to this cabin fever with the unpredictable weather we have been having so we thought it an idea to identify some creative ways to entertain the kids this winter inside your home. Creative Ways to Entertain your Kids This Winter 1.) Get them involved in baking or cooking with you, if you cook their favourites, they will help. 2.) Play hide & Seek or treasure hunts – maybe with a novelty treat for the winner. 3.) Play Cards , board games or quizzes. 4.) Encourage them to read a book or story. 5.) Play charades with them. 6.) Indoor gardening – maybe plant sunflower seeds that will easily grow & bloom. 7.) Get A

Top 10 Tips on Decorating your Christmas Tree

December is now upon us and the Christmas season is in full festive folly. So it’s time to start thinking about decorating the Christmas tree. Most of us love seeing the end result, getting there can cause some people to flinch a little though. If you want to avoid looking at a Christmas tree that you may not be fully happy with, follow these top 10 ten tips on decorating your Christmas tree, you may be surprised what you may not have been familiar with before. 1. Pick a Tree Type When decorating your Christmas tree the first thing you need to do is decide which type of Christmas tree you want, artificial vs real, both have their pros and cons. 2. Secure your Tree If you’ve chosen a real or

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