A Back To School Checklist For Parents

Back to School time is busy busy busy for parents and invariably there is always something you may have forgotten. So to help you along the way, we have prepared below a Back to School Checklist, hopefully making Back to School time a little less stressful, well for the mammies and daddies anyway. Back to School Checklist Name labels and tags for uniforms Schoolbag or Rucksack Lunch box or Bag Water Bottle or Beaker Schools list of copies, hardbacks & essentials Copy Covers Pencil Case Eraser, Pencils, Pens, Sharpeners, Markers, Crayons, Highlighters Art Materials that may be needed Calculator, Maths or Science Sets Pritt Stick / Sellotape Safety Scissors Paper Clips, Elastic bands, Folder C

Ways to Make Back to School Easier for Everyone

We know the kids aren't back to school for another few weeks and they definitely won't appreciate this blog post, but to make the transition simpler from the relaxing Summer to their humdrum back to school routine, we have prepared some helpful ways to make the back to school transition easier for everyone! Have Everyone on the same page - Sit down and discuss the plan for Back to School, although you may not get much reception to your ideas initially, you will have planted the seed and will make the rest of the transition easier. Getting back into a Routine - Start re-implementing the school routine, so each week in August in the lead up to the school return date, ensure bedtime gets closer

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