Simple Ways To Declutter Your Home

Is decluttering your home at the top of your New Year priority list? Although the very thought of it can send shivers up your spine, we have compiled some simple ways below to make the whole dreaded declutter, less of a mammoth task. Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home Start with a list - Take note of all the rooms or areas you want to declutter, then pick the first one on the list. Once that decision is made, pick an area in that room and start the decluttering process. Then just keep this going, area by area and room by room. By breaking it into smaller pieces, you will get through quicker and also give yourself more motivation to keep going as you tick each area off your list. Ask yourself

Tips For Packing Away Your Christmas Decorations

January is here and the question is pondered in all our minds of when do we decide to take on the momentous task of packing away the Christmas decorations? And not only when, but where do we start? Decisions, decisions. To help you along the way, we have gathered a few smart tips in packing away those decorations. Motivation - First thing we need to be is motivated, have a strong coffee and apportion off part of your day exclusively dedicated to this task. Plastic Storage - Invest in some large plastic tubs for seasonal storage, not too big that they won't fit in your attic, or that they cannot be lifted easily though. Label each box on the outside with its contents, Sharpie markers or the l

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