Autumn Home Maintenance Checklist

Autumn season has arrived and traditionally September is a month of transition when we start to put away our summer gear (if we were lucky to get one) and prepare for the cooler Irish weather. It can be a busy month for home maintenance, especially if you live in a location with a lot of wind and rain....Which is most regions in Ireland! So we believe it's important to get the outdoor tasks tackled before the weather gets too bad. Some tasks you may not be able to get done yourself, so you may need book your chimney sweep, boiler service and roof/gutter cleaner as soon as you can if you need to. In addition to professional servicing, we have identified some easy home maintenance DIY tasks yo

Checklist of Back To College Essentials

If you are a new starter in college, or if its your first year at college living away from home, it can be daunting just thinking of what you need to bring with you. We want to help make it easier for you, so we have put together a comprehensive Checklist for all your Back to College Essentials, most of which you will find in your nearest Choice store. You may need all or some of the below household & college items, depending on your living arrangements, so we aim to ensure we have all your back to college essentials covered. Checklist of Back to College Essentials: Lectures Pens & Highlighters Water Bottle Pad or notebook Ringbinder, lever-arch and box file Hole punch, Sticky notes & page m

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