Tips for feeding the birds in your garden

As our days begin to become shorter and nights longer this restricts the time time birds have to forage for their food, while at the same time natural food becomes more scarce. It's now a case that the wild birds in our garden have become more and more dependent on the food we leave out for them as an essential supplement to what they can source themselves, especially as the Winter season approaches. By having convenient, easy to access and high-energy food source in your garden, it really could make the difference between life and death for some of our most beautiful bird species. Here are 5 tips to help with your feeding the birds in your garden. 1. Make sure your bird feeders are visible

Halloween Lighting Ideas for Your Home and Garden

Halloween is now just weeks away, which means pumpkins, costumes, trick or treaters and an ever increasing trend is to have your home illuminated with some spooky Halloween lighting. This can genuinely add some real eerie atmosphere to the seasonal occasion on the 31st of October. With that in mind, we bring you some Halloween lighting ideas to turn your home into a haunted house, please consider these additions to your Halloween decorations. Add some LED candles We can't think of anything that says haunted house, than some well-placed, flickering candles. If you're worried about knocking real candles over, you can buy flameless LED candles, which can flicker just like the real thing. Create

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