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10 Fun Ways to Entertain Your Kids in the Garden

10 Fun Ways to entertain your kids in the garden

This Summer why not transform your garden into an activity centre or playground by creating various garden activities for kids? Garden games are not just for kids, you too can get involved and build quality relationships with your children. Here is a list of some novel ideas to have fun with your children in the garden during the good weather.

1.) Learn to garden

Productive, practical and fun, gardening teaches children about responsibility and rewards them with a real sense of achievement. So consider giving them a spot of their own.

2.) Natural art

This involves collecting natural stuff like twigs, leaves, grass, flowers, etc. to create something arty. You can get involved too and make small huts using the twigs, grass, etc. You don’t necessarily need to use only the natural stuff, bring cardboard, crayons, tapes, etc., but you must use stuff from your garden.

3.) Wildlife and bugs

Your garden is home to all sorts of birds, critters and creepy crawlies. Make spotting them into a game, with a prize for the most creatures spotted, or the best wildlife pictures drawn.

4.) Tug Of War

You don’t need any explanation for this one. All you need is a rope and some players to play this game. Divide the teams. Mark the centre of the rope. Place the rope on the ground with a flag and let the battle begin.

5.)Make art with chalk

Give your kids some coloured chalk and let them unleash their creativity on your driveway or garden paving slabs. Colourful, cheap, and easily washed away, chalk art is a no-brainer for entertaining children

6.) Have a treasure hunt

This is a great way to spend a day in the garden. All you’ll need is a few cool things to hide and lots of imagination. You could write clues, giving them easy-to-follow riddles or hints, or draw a clear map. Just don’t forget to hide a prize where “X” marks the spot! You could make the prize a fun family movie night with treats, and theme the whole activity.

7.) Build a fort made of blankets

A blanket fort has a dual benefit, it offers kids a shady spot to play when the sun shines, as well as transforming a few blankets and chairs into a hideout one minute, or the bridge of a pirate ship the next.

8.) Camp in the backyard

With the restrictions in place, why not take a holiday in your own back garden? It might only be a few steps from the main house, but camping in the garden can be magical for the whole family.

9.) Make your own bubbles

This is an old favourite and bubbles never let you down. Kids just love making, blowing and popping bubbles in the garden.

10.) Host your own sports day

Why not host your own Garden Sports day? The events can be skipping, jumping, racing – any games they like, even copy the normal schools sports day format. You could even get crafty and make your own medals to present for all the participants.
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