Coronavirus measures in stores 

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In light of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are very aware of our responsibility towards our customers, our team and our partners. We would like to reassure our customers and our great retail team as to the steps we have taken to provide a safer retail environment.


 Safety steps taken in support of our team and customers during this unprecedented time:

  • In line with Government legislation it is now mandatory to wear a face covering while shopping in our stores. 

  • We continue to maintain the highest possible standards of cleanliness, in line with the advice and guidelines from the HSE. 

  • Each of our team members has been instructed to wash their hands, at minimum, once per hour as well as our counter and store point of sale equipment.

  • Alcohol hand sanitizers are available at counters for our staff and customers to use in-store.

  • We have implemented social distancing measures of 2 metres in all stores when customers are shopping and queuing.                                                            This is being carefully monitored by our vigilant staff during this period.  We are encouraging customers not to congregate too                                                close to each other during their visit to our stores.

  • There are now implemented quotas for the number of customers in select stores at any one time to help ease any congestion. 

  • We have closed certain tills in all stores to help maintain social distance between our customers and staff alike.

  • We now have longer opening hours to facilitate customers and to help spread out the number of customers during the day. 

  • Where possible, we are encouraging ​customers to use contactless payment methods or by card.

  • To ensure we have certain products for all our customers, we have introduced some quotas on a very small number of products.

  • We have installed protective screens at all our tills to help keep staff and customers safe.

  • We reassure you that we are doing everything we can to provide our customers and staff with the safest retail environment we possibly can in the circumstances.

  • We have eliminated all unnecessary meetings and travel for our staff and advised any of our team members that they may take any time they may need to care for themselves or their families in the event they are directly affected by COVID-19.

We are monitoring the situation very closely on a daily basis and taking advice from the HSE medical experts and government.

We will react appropriately and take all measures possible to mitigate risk.


Thank you for the continued support of our staff, our customers and partners. Please stay safe everyone!

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