Fun Ideas For Your Easter Egg Hunt

Fun ideas Easter Egg hunt

Looking for some fun ideas for your children's Easter egg hunt this year? Well please read on, we discuss a few novel options below to make it more enjoyable for everyone in the family, especially the Easter hunters.

1.) Make an Easter hunt treasure map

Draw a treasure map for your Easter hunt, with pics for the smaller children who can't read. Pictures of the couch or kitchen table will offer them clues to where the eggs are. For the older children, put in riddles or clues to make it a challenge and more rewarding when they do find their treasure.

2.) Use different coloured eggs by children's age

Try colour code the eggs you hide according to their age so that means the little ones or the toddlers can hunt for red eggs, while the older kids go for green. Or have the boys hunt for yellow and the girls hunt for pink. Of course it doesn't matter which colour you go for as long as the kids know at the very start, makes it more fun for all the children.

3.) You could add letters to each egg so kids can make words

Maybe buy some alphabet stickers or write a different letter on the outside of each egg. Then set them loose on their egg hunt with the offer of extra Easter prizes to the child who makes the longest word from their egg stash.

4.) Wrap eggs with clues

Wrap each small egg with a clue to the next egg, which could then lead to a big egg or a different prize at the very end of the hunt. Possibly a colouring book or something to keep children occupied over the Easter break. For the smaller children, you can read the clues to them and give them a little assistance I'm sure.

5.) Use Easter Bunny Prints near Eggs

Make Easter bunny footprints near each hidden Easter egg to give the kids some easy hints as to where the eggs are hidden. You can also try making the footprints out of plain paper or even sprinkle some talcum powder and put a bunny paw print in it with your fingers.

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