How Best to Prepare Your Garden for Summer

Prepare your garden for summer

Spring is nearly over, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to think about preparing your garden for the 'hopefully sunny’ summer months we pray for.

Please follow the below tips on how best to prepare your garden for the summer season:

1) Don't cut your lawn too short

A general guideline is to not cut more than ½ of the of the length of your grass. Cutting more than ½ will put pressure on your lawn and could damage it.

2) Water Deep & Slow

Our plants need lots of water in order to grow healthy & blossom. Watering slowly allows the water to penetrate deeper and prevent any run off.

3) Fertilize

Always fertilize around plants, this will give them the best nutrients from the soil and in turn, lead to a more bountiful garden.

4) Treat for Pests

The best time to treat for pests is the morning or evening. Please do not treat for pests during the dead of the day and when the sun and heat is the strongest. This could cause your plants to burn or dehydrate, causing them to possibly die.

5) Mulch

Mulching around your plants helps prevent the water from running off and insulates your soil from the heat and sun. It also keeps your soil cooler which helps retain moisture.

By following the above tips it should help you best prepare your garden for the oncoming summer months. Happy gardening everyone!

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