How to Prolong Your Gardens Flowers & Plants This Summer

Prolong Garden Flowers life

It's mid summer and this should represent one of our gardens best shows all year round, so how do we prolong our flowers and plants before the season ends? We can safely say that in this scenario, a little effort goes a long way in your flowers and plants extended beautiful existence.

Some useful ways below to show you you how to prolong your gardens flowers and plants this Summer season.

  • Deadhead Flowers - Nip those flowers that you notice are starting to wilt, you can save these deadheaded plants and seeds to begin drying for planting next year.

  • Water Where Needed - Water only plants that need water at this point in the season. Do not waste time and water on anything that has gone beyond redemption.

  • Compost - Sprinkle nutrient-rich topsoil with compost around flowers and plants for a mid-summer boost.

  • Veggies - Remove yellowing, dead and dying leaves and vines from veggies. This will allow any new growth to be directly distributed to the living parts of the plant.

  • Mulch - Use leftover mulch in bare areas to freshen up the garden.

  • Document Successes & Failures - Keep a note of whats worked and what hasn't in a notebook to reference next spring and summer.

  • New Blooms Pots - Place pots of new bloomers throughout a perennial garden that are past peak to give it new life.

  • Centrepiece - Create a focal point in the centre of the garden and fill a wheel barrow or planter full of colourful annuals in the middle of a past peak perennial garden area.

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