Simple Ways To Declutter Your Home

Declutter your home

Is decluttering your home at the top of your New Year priority list? Although the very thought of it can send shivers up your spine, we have compiled some simple ways below to make the whole dreaded declutter, less of a mammoth task.

Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home

Start with a list - Take note of all the rooms or areas you want to declutter, then pick the first one on the list. Once that decision is made, pick an area in that room and start the decluttering process. Then just keep this going, area by area and room by room. By breaking it into smaller pieces, you will get through quicker and also give yourself more motivation to keep going as you tick each area off your list.

Ask yourself - Do I use or need this?- For this one you need to be honest with yourself, you need to ask yourself "Do I really need or use this item?" If the answer is no or you have to think hard about it, maybe it's best to take a minimalist approach and get rid of it.

Wardrobe Examination- This is nearly a separate discussion on its own. But there are plenty of charity shops that would gladly accept the clothes that may not fit, were never worn, or you are just bored of. Once again, brutal honesty is the best policy here for going through your wardrobes. A second opinion could help too.

Sell Online / Charity Shops - Selling online has become much easier these days, so there's a market for many of your unwanted goods, or another option would be for you to bring down to any of the charity shops in your locality.

Rule Of Five - We came across this on a US website and they suggested when decluttering your home, use the Rule of Five. Basically what it is suggesting is that "when you are decluttering each room get rid of five things you don't use. Either donate them, bin them, or sell online. That's all you have to do. It'll be amazing as you see all your clutter disappear."

Sentimental Items - There are always exceptions to the rules, sometimes some items don't fall into the useful category but we have an emotional attachment too. One way to get around this is to take a photo of the item and store it on your laptop, so you can always look back at it. Of course if it's something of huge sentimental value, then maybe allocate a specific area in your home for these items, such as the attic, as we don't want you to regret disposing of it.

Desk Space - If you work from home, clean desk equals clean mind or so they say. Try store non essentials in drawers or organisers on your desk.

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