Simple Suggestions for your Garden this May

Choice Garden Tips For May
May is here at last and hopefully the beginning of a nice warm summer. So what should you be doing in your garden while this hot weather spell lasts?
Here are some simple suggestions for some green fingered activity in your garden this May.
  • Spoil yourself with at least one or two new plants to freshen your garden up.

  • Feed everything well to get them growing faster.

  • Even if rain is expected (knowing Ireland it is never far away), water your plants regularly.

  • Deadhead spring blooming bulbs, but leave their foliage until it turns yellow.

  • Deadhead all early spring flowers as their blossoms fade & replace them in containers with warmer weather bloomers.

  • Check out spring flowering trees and shrubs while they are in bloom and make notes.

  • Before the warmer summer heat arrives, Plant or transplant trees and shrubs.

  • Store away your bird feeders and clean, so they are ready for the colder weather again.

  • Turn the compost, and use any that is ready.

  • Keep a watch out for garden pests (slugs and snails) and any signs of fungal diseases (leaf spot, mildew, rust...).

  • Rip out invasive plants while the soil is damp, before they spread.

And of the utmost importance, you need to relax and enjoy your garden this May.

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