10 Top Summer Gardening Tips

Choice Summer Gardening Tips

Now that the Irish summer is here, not exactly the best start to June, but we still live in hope, it’s a crucial time for your garden. This is when your plants and flowers can truly flourish; once you know what you are doing.

So to help you along the way to becoming an expert summer gardener, we have compiled the below 10 top Summer gardening tips.

1.) Water early

Water in the cool of the day. The best time is morning but, if you water in the afternoon, allow enough time for foliage to dry out before sunset. This reduces the risk of mildew and other fungi attacking leaves.

2.) Take care of budding plants

Mulch & water these deeply once or twice weekly during the summer weather to avoid sudden loss of buds & flowers.

3.) Add nutrients to the water

If you can only water occasionally, try to water plants deeply and use that opportunity to simultaneously feed and correct mineral deficiencies.

4.) Ensure your water flows

Check all hoses are unblocked and not leaking and any gutters watering the lawn are free of debris.

5.) Be vigilant with weeds

Weeds are not only unattractive, they also steal precious soil space and resources from the plants you actually want. That’s why you should pull weeds constantly, and consider using some weed killer as well.

6.) Be mindful of disease

Even if pests aren’t an issue, trees and plants can still become diseased pretty easily. All it takes is some fungal spores to be carried by the wind and suddenly you’ve got a sick plant. Monitor plants and trees closely, and contact us at the first sign of illness.

7.) Keep the lawn long & lush

It’s a misconception that cutting lawns low reduces the cutting frequency. Instead, mow lawns as high as your mower permits. Longer turf wears better.

8.) Look out for signs of pests

Seeing a pest isn’t always a problem – pests are attracted to gardens, that’s nothing new. But if you see a significant pest presence or notice plants dying, that’s troublesome. You might want to consider using some pesticides to protect your garden.

9.) Only fertilize a little

Ideally the best time for fertilization is actually before the summer, when the plants are still growing. You can add a little more from time-to-time, but fertilizer is more of an aid at this point. If you over-fertilize now, you run the risk of “burning” the plants, which is bad news.

10.) Enjoy your garden

Finally, enjoy your garden this summer, remember the saying all work and no play!

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