Why You Should Use After Sun Lotion?

Why you should use aftersun

Unfortunately there is a misconception out there that after sun lotion should only be used after you get sunburn, this is definitely not the case. Although after sun lotion is indeed crucial for rehydrating sun burnt skin, it also helps to repair your skin by cooling it down and locking in any lost moisture.

After sun is not a substitution for not using sun cream, it's imperative that everyone wears their sun protection also when we are experiencing hot and sunny spells here in Ireland.

Here are some of the main reasons why you and your family should be using after sun lotion:

1.) Moisture Boost - It provides your skin with a much needed moisture boost.

2.) Cools Skin - It helps cool stressed skin with ingredients like aloe vera.

3.) Soothing Relief - Provides soothing relief and calms burnt skin.

4.) Restore Elasticity - Will help restore your skin's natural elasticity.

5.) Regeneration - Using Vitamin E, it can help regenerate hot skin, which can help fight premature aging from the suns UV rays.

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