What do I put in my kids Christmas Eve Box?

What to put in kids Christmas Eve box

Christmas Eve boxes are becoming more and more popular with our customers every year, but what exactly are they?

They are a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland and could best be described as a special treat to get kids feeling as festive as possible before Mr. Claus arrives down the chimney.

We think it’s a novel way to add another special memory to your families Christmas and can be a lovely tradition to keep for years to come, which your children will look back on when they have their own families.

You can buy some of these boxes already filled with goodies, BUT we would prefer to add the personalised touch. So this then begs the question "What do I put in the kids Christmas Eve Box?"

Here are some of our suggestions on some personal and novel items to fill your child's Christmas eve box.

  1. Christmas decoration– Getting each child their own individual Christmas decoration is a lovely tradition to start, they can hang their new one on the tree every Christmas Eve and maybe keep them for their own tree one day. Personalised decorations are another growing demand from customers in our stores.

  2. Christmas stocking – Whether it’s the same one every year or if you choose to do something a little different and buy a personalised one, if you put this in your Christmas Eve box your children can hang them up themselves.

  3. Festive pyjamas – Getting your family a new pair of Christmassy pyjamas to wake up in on Christmas morning will look so sweet in any photos when you’re all opening your presents.

  4. Christmas story book – This is lovely if your children are younger, but even as they get older it will become a heart-warming tradition.

  5. Reindeer food – Make a cute festive bag and pop in some little biscuits, carrots, hay or dog treats and use them as reindeer food. Your child will be so excited to put it out for Rudolph and his pals.

  6. Festive film – Start a tradition of watching a new Christmas film every Christmas Eve, including all the classics.

  7. Nice list certificate – This is a fun one – Congratulate your children for being good this year and make them a ‘nice list’ certificate.

  8. Christmas chocolate or goodies – There are lots of Christmas-themed goodies around, and this one is super easy to pick up from your local Choice store.

  9. Festive mug, hot chocolate and mini marshmallows – Perfect for snuggling up and drinking while you watch your Christmas film.

  10. Cosy Christmas socks – It really is the perfect time to have some comfy bed socks to keep those little toes warm.

The Christmas Eve box really is a beautiful tradition to start in your home and these are only some of our ideas for filling your childrens Christmas eve boxes, the more personal they are, the better we believe.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas from all of us at Choice - A Home For All Seasons

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