20 Fun things to do with the Kids when it's raining

Indoors activities with Kids

Our highly unpredictable Irish weather, with its frequent rainy summer days, can often have your family cooped up indoors. The end result can mean restless kids and parents possibly being driven a little crazy.

Please don't fret, though: You can still have plenty of fun at home. Here are 20 indoor rainy day activities to keep your kids (and yourself) entertained when it's too rainy to go outside and they don't involve more screen time!

20 Fun things to do indoors with the kids when it's raining

1. Play hide and seek.

2. Bake a cake or some buns.

3. Put on a fashion show and use your hall or kitchen as the catwalk.

4. Have an indoors picnic.

5. Play a family board game that everyone enjoys.

6. Organise your own treasure hunt with a nice treat for the finder.

7. How about creating a family time capsule and then bury it in the garden when the weather improves?

8. Make a castle or tent out of sheets and play in it.

9. Cuddle up with a stack of books and start having storytime.

10. Gather around and have a tell a story hour, where each family member tells a story.

11. Fill the sink (or bathtub) with bubbles and let your kids splash around.

12. Get out the art supplies and start colouring, drawing or finger painting.

13. Enjoy a Karaoke session or have a dance party.

14. Let the kids play dress up or dig out their old Halloween costumes.

15. Try make your own ice cream.

16. Have a game of charades.

17. Look back over old photo albums.

18. Make a family cookbook.

19. Make your own rain sounds by creating a rain stick using paper towel tubes and beads.

20. Take out the lego or building blocks and joint create an architectural masterpiece.

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