Checklist of Back To College Essentials

Checklist of Back to College Essentials

If you are a new starter in college, or if its your first year at college living away from home, it can be daunting just thinking of what you need to bring with you. We want to help make it easier for you, so we have put together a comprehensive Checklist for all your Back to College Essentials, most of which you will find in your nearest Choice store.

You may need all or some of the below household & college items, depending on your living arrangements, so we aim to ensure we have all your back to college essentials covered.

Checklist of Back to College Essentials:


Pens & Highlighters

Water Bottle

Pad or notebook

Ringbinder, lever-arch and box file

Hole punch, Sticky notes & page markers

Sturdy case for your laptop or tablet


Pots & pans

Wooden spoon & Spatula

Baking tray

Chopping board & Knife block

Mixing bowl & Colander

Measuring jug

Kitchen scales

Cheese grater & Potato peeler

Masher & Can opener

Corkscrew/bottle opener

Cutlery, Plates, Bowls, Glasses, Mugs & Travel mug


Rubber gloves & Dish cloths

Scourers & Sponges

Washing up liquid

Kitchen cleaners, Polish & Dusters

Bin bags


Boxes and containers

Canisters for Tea, Coffee, Sugar & Biccies

Tin foil & Cling film

Permanent marker for labelling


Coat hangers

Duvet and pillows - plus duvet covers, sheets & pillowcases

Desk or bedside lamp

Washing basket & Small Bin

Foldable or radiator airer for drying your washing

Storage bags or boxes

Photo frames with pics of your friends and family

Damage-free picture hanging strips


A couple of bath towels, hand towels and face cloths

Toothbrush and toothpaste Toothbrush holder

Toilet roll, toilet brush & bath mat

Shower gel, Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner & Deodorant

First aid kit

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