Fun Indoor Halloween Kids Party Games

We all want Halloween to be as fun as possible this year for the kids with them missing out on the traditional Trick or Treating. So we have compiled a list of fun Halloween party games could we organise and play with the family indoors to ensure it's a Halloween to remember for the right reasons. Read on below for some of our suggestions.

Fun Indoor Halloween Party Games For Kids

Pass the Pumpkin: Have one fewer small pumpkins than players. Sit the kids in a circle. Play Halloween music while they pass the pumpkins around the circle. When the music stops, the player without a pumpkin is out, but he gets to take a pumpkin with him. The rest of the players continue to play until there is a winner, who will get a spooky prize.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey: We all know this one. Hang up a large picture of a donkey without its tail. Give each guest a tail with a piece of sticky tape on its base. One by one, blindfold the guests, turn them around, and then set them off toward the donkey picture and see where they put the tail. The guest who gets the tail closest to its rightful place wins.

Balloon Sweep Relay Race: Set up a course that zigzags across the yard or playroom. Use coloured rope tied to stakes (or chairs) to mark it. Divide the guests into two teams. Give each team a small broom and a blown-up balloon. Each member of a team must sweep the balloon around the course and back before the next member goes. The team to have every member finish the course first wins.

Halloween Story Game: Include the beginning of a ghost story in your party invitations and ask each child to come to the party with an ending to tell. Hear all the endings and let the guests vote for the funniest, the weirdest, and the spookiest.

Dunk for Apples: Another Irish favourite, have the kids dunk their heads for apples in a basin of water, always great laughs on this one, if they grab it with their teeth, they win a prize. Have the towels ready though!

Guess the Ghost: Have one child leave the room to be “it.” Then let another child hide under a white sheet. The remaining children will change places with each other. Call in the missing child and see if he or she can name the ghost by figuring out who in the group is missing. The child who played the ghost then becomes “it” and leaves the room.

Build a Scarecrow: Divide the guests into teams. Give each team a pile of old clothes (including hats), pillowcases for heads, newspapers for stuffing, ropes for tying, and markers for making faces. Give each team 15 minutes or 20 minutes to make a scarecrow. Give prizes for the silliest and the scariest and hang them outside.

Wrap a Mummy: This game is definitely for the older children. You must Divide guests up in pairs; give each pair a roll of toilet paper. One team member will be the wrapper, the other will be the wrapped mummy. The first team to use up its roll wins. Or you can give each team two rolls of toilet paper and after the mummy is wrapped, he or she must wrap his partner. The first team to empty both rolls of toilet paper wins.

We hope you all have a safe, fun and Happy Halloween.

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