Gardening for Beginners

Gardening is a wonderful hobby that many people enjoy throughout the year. It can however be a little daunting to get started in gardening as it can be easy to fail – so many people will tell of stories whereby they tried with houseplants and they died quickly after they took them home. It can be disheartening if that happens! The key thing with gardening is to start small and “grow” from there.

There’s no point in taking on a huge area that you have earmarked for gardening only for it to all fail on you. Gardening can be done even in small areas so whether you live in a house on 2 acres or you reside in a compact apartment development, you will have options on starting your gardening journey!

The guys at Crowe Sawmills have put together this infographic that outlines all you need to know about starting your foray into gardening. It covers such topics like the necessary (but basic) terminology and also the essential tools you might require so check it out below before you get started!

For all your Spring gardening needs please call into our seasons stores.

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