Simple Safety Tips for Halloween

Safety Tips Halloween

Halloween is one of those seasons that gets people really excited, or on the other hand, truly petrified every year. So whether you are just answering the door, driving around or chaperoning the eager trick or treaters, here are some simple safety tips to follow to ensure everyone, including our pets, stay unharmed this Halloween.

Costumes, Decorations & Trick or Treating

  • When decorating pumpkins,exercise caution using knives or instead, consider decorating the pumpkins with glitter glue, paint, or markers.

  • When selecting a costume, always make sure the fabric is flame-retardant. Try Choose costumes without long trailing fabric, which are more likely to brush against candles or lanterns and catch fire.

  • If your child’s costume includes a hat or a mask, avoid falls by ensuring it fits well and that the eye holes are large enough to properly see out of.

  • Swords, knives, and other accessories should be short, soft, and flexible to avoid injury.

  • Goes without saying these days, but a parent should always accompany young trick-or-treaters. If older children want to go alone, maybe discuss their route and give them a time to be back home at.

  • Light coloured costumes make it easier for drivers to see children at night. Also if possible you can add reflective or glow-in-the-dark tape to costumes and trick-or-treat bags, so children are more visible.

  • In case your child gets lost, consider attaching a nametag with your contact information onto costumes.

  • Only buy nontoxic makeup and always test it in a small area first before fully applying.

  • Please advise kids not to approach dark homes and never to enter a stranger’s house.

  • Always walk on footpaths and use caution when crossing the street.

  • Encourage children not to eat their sweets when out and about, no harm checking what's in the bag when you get home first.

If Driving

  • Drive slowly and be especially alert in residential areas, particularly during the hours of 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm (the most popular trick-or-treating hours) on Halloween night.

  • Due to increased activity and road hazards, it may be best for inexperienced or younger drivers to avoid driving unless essential on Halloween night.

At Home

  • Keep any flammable Halloween decorations well away from any open flames or heat sources.

  • It’s important to keep pathways and stairs well illuminated, but consider trading candles and torches for flashlights or battery-operated lanterns to ensure costumes don’t catch fire.

  • Remove garden hoses, toys, lawn decorations, and other obstacles from driveways to avoid trips for your visitors.

For Pets

  • Don’t let your pet find his or her way into the kids sweet stash, as certain chocolate and sweets can be dangerous (and potentially lethal) to dogs and cats.

  • If your pumpkin is illuminated with a candle, take care to place them out of your pet’s reach. Cats and dogs can easily knock these decorations over, which could cause a fire.

  • Your furry friends may look extra cute in their costumes, but be sure they’re comfortable. If your pet seems distressed, it may be a sign that the disguise is restricting movement or sight.

  • Ensure the comfort of both your pet and the revolving door of trick-or-treaters by keeping animals away from the Halloween chaos, fireworks and trick or treaters may annoy or frighten your pets.

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