Top 10 Tips on Decorating your Christmas Tree

December is nearly upon us and the Christmas season is in full festive folly. So it’s time to start thinking about decorating the Christmas tree. Most of us love seeing the end result, getting there can cause some people to flinch a little though. If you want to avoid looking at a Christmas tree that you may not be fully happy with, follow these top 10 ten tips on decorating your Christmas tree, you may be surprised what you may not have been familiar with before.

1. Pick a Tree Type

When decorating your Christmas tree the first thing you need to do is decide which type of Christmas tree you want, artificial vs real, both have their pros and cons.

2. Secure your Tree

If you’ve chosen a real or artificial Christmas tree make sure that you have the stand intact and the tree nice and sturdy in its place before decorating. Also keep out of direct sunlight and away from air vents.

3. Pick a theme

Pick a theme before you start your decorating or you could end up with mix mash of a tree which won’t look up to its festive best. You can get ideas online, in stores, magazines, or other trees you may have seen around.

4. Tree Bottom

Drape the bottom of your Christmas tree before you start filling it with ornaments with a tree skirt. A tree skirt will hide the base of the stand making it much more decorative and pleasing to the eye.

5. Put your Lights on First

With your Christmas lights, always start from the top working your way down, and always put on first before the decorations. If you’d like the tree to illuminate from the inside out start from the inside of the tree wrapping your lights around the trunk and work your way out the branches attaching the chords to sturdy branches.

6. The Tree Top

Pick a topper that’s not too heavy, so your tree doesn’t lean forward when placed on your tree. Also try and put your topper on before you put your favourite themed ornaments & decorations on, in case they get knocked off and damaged when reaching up to place topper on.

7. Decorations

Aim to start with your largest decorations and space them out evenly. If you stick to a theme while using your decorations you’ll achieve more of a uniform design. Always place them securely and try to fill the holes between the layers of the tree.

8. Avoid Clutter

It’s easy to get carried away with the amount of ornaments collected over past Christmas’. Avoid putting too many ornaments & decorations on the tree.

9. Tinsel Use

Tinsel is attractive on a Christmas tree if not over used. Use sparingly where you can, it can be effective to fill gaps.

10. The Personal Touch

Christmas is all about family & friends, past and with us, so add a personal touch where you can, photo or decorative memories can really add a personal touch to your tree.

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