Ways to Make Back to School Easier for Everyone

We know the kids aren't back to school for another few weeks and they definitely won't appreciate this blog post, but to make the transition simpler from the relaxing Summer to their humdrum back to school routine, we have prepared some helpful ways to make the back to school transition easier for everyone!

Have Everyone on the same page - Sit down and discuss the plan for Back to School, although you may not get much reception to your ideas initially, you will have planted the seed and will make the rest of the transition easier.

Getting back into a Routine - Start re-implementing the school routine, so each week in August in the lead up to the school return date, ensure bedtime gets closer to the normal back to school regime.

Practice makes perfect - Sounds like an obvious suggestion, but practice makes perfect. Practice the school run, making the lunch and getting the kids out of bed. The more prepared you all are, the easier it will be for everyone.

Shop Early - If you can try and pick up the back to school essentials early, maybe a few bits every week in August before school begins, it will mean less stress and pressure on everyone.

Stop the nippers naps - For those little nippers going to school for the first time, try phase out the naps, so they won't be as tired during their school day.

Check their sizes - During the summer the kids may have outgrown some of their uniforms or shoes, so make sure you check their sizes closer to their start date. Nothing worse than last minute panic buying for shoes or uniforms.

Its Back to School, Back to Routine!

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