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4 Reasons to Buy Rattan Garden Furniture

reasons to buy rattan garden furniture

One of the first questions we should answer for you is, What is Rattan furniture? we know what it looks like, but did you know that it is made from Rattan vines which are woven together to create beautiful outdoor garden furniture?

Rattan can be natural (originating from the fibres of a plant related closely to a palm tree) or synthetic, both are woven the same way, but the synthetic version can withstand intense UV exposure and won’t fade.

Why should I buy rattan garden furniture?

We get frequently asked by customers, “Why should I buy Rattan furniture over the other options in the store?” So, our seasonal team attribute its popularity for the below reasons:

It looks great in your outdoor area

One of the more popular reasons for buying the rattan option is its instantly recognisable style and how it looks. Most rattan sets come with stylish cushions which can be moved around to create your own perfect look and feel in our outdoor area.

More environmentally friendly

If buying a natural rattan set, this is the most environmentally friendly option as its an organic material and its biodegradable. If you opt for the synthetic version, the rattan is also recyclable as it’s a thermoplastic resin which can be melted down and reformed into a different shape.

Light & Durable

Rattan furniture is both lightweight making it easier to move around if you don’t like its location in your garden or patio area. Plus, synthetic rattan is weatherproof and with our mixed weather, sun one day and rain the next, it’s perfect for our Irish climate. If you look after your rattan set with care, it could last you up to 10 years, even not taking it in during the Winter.

Versatile use indoors and outdoors

We know rattan furniture is ideal outdoors, but the versatility in their locational use has led to people to bring theirs indoors to offer a more country style themed decor. Conservatories are a perfect example of this, with rattan furniture being bought to furnish these rooms. Rattan furniture is currently on trend and offers a touch of class to any outdoor area, ideal for your patio area, garden, conservatory or even indoors in your home. Rattan is here to stay!

To view our range of Rattan Garden Furniture available in our Garden Sale, please click here

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