The Essential Christmas Morning Checklist

Choice Christmas Morning Checklist

Are you ready for the bedlam that ensues after Santy arrives this Christmas? We know what a hectic morning it can be in your home, so we have prepared the essential Christmas morning checklist to help make sure you haven't forgotten anything that could simply be forgotten in your Christmas preparations.

The Essential Christmas Checklist

  • Batteries - Although Santy will bring the toys, he may not always provide enough batteries, so it's imperative we stock up with the right batteries, the last thing we want Christmas morning is lovely new toys that are idle due to lack of batteries.

  • Screwdriver - A lot of toys will require you to use a screwdriver to open up to put batteries in securely.

  • Scissors / Pliers - Most packaging these days requires a scissors or pliers to open correctly, be prepared.

  • Camera or Smartphone - We all want to capture that special moment when the kids see what Santy brought, so ensure you have your camera or phone charged and enough storage space to save those precious memories.

  • Candles - Just in case there's a powercut - It's always a possibility.

  • Coffee - If you are up early, which we all most probably will be, we'll need our caffeine fix to stay awake.

  • Recycling Bin - All that paper wrapping has to go somewhere.

  • Sellotape / Giftwrap / Gift Tags - Always be prepared in case one of the other relatives or friends presents get opened by accident in the Christmas morning madness, so you can rewrap if necessary. Or if someone unexpected calls in with a gift that you weren't prepared for.

Hopefully our above essential checklist will have you best prepared for that magical Christmas morning.

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