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How many lights do I need for my Christmas Tree?

How many lights do I need for my Christmas Tree?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by our customers every year in stores in the run-up to Christmas is "How many lights do I need for my Christmas tree?"

So, getting this right to every serious Christmas tree decorator is crucial, its significance cannot be underestimated when you want your tree to look perfect. This means creating a decorative style that is perfectly proportioned to your Christmas tree in terms of tinsel, baubles, decorations, and lights. We recommend that your lights need to cover the full circumference of your tree if you really want it to stand out.

Christmas lights have come on hugely in terms of their technology and style and now most people are turning to LED styles for the numerous benefits they have over the incandescent ones.

In a previous blog we discuss the benefits of LED lights for your Christmas decorating.

But how many lights are right, I hear you ask?

If you have ever wondered how many lights for Christmas trees is the perfect amount then fortunately for you, you’re in the right place. We have created this guide to help you get to grips between the basic concept of lighting and for the more serious decorator. So how you can mathematically work out the number of lights needed for your tree?

The Choice Lights Recommendation

There are an average number of lights per tree height which is recommended but it is also important to consider just how bright you like your tree to be. Generally, we would advise you to either add or lower the recommended number by 50 if you want a brighter or more minimal look depending on your preferences.

Here is the Choice recommendation for the number of Chris for the average number of Christmas tree heights:

  • 3 ft. trees – 100+ lights
  • 4 ft. trees – 200+ lights
  • 5 ft. trees – 200 - 300 lights
  • 6 ft. trees – 300 - 500 lights
  • 7 ft. trees – 500 - 700 lights
  • 8 ft. trees – 700 - 1,000 lights
  • 9 ft. trees - 1,000 - 1,500 lights

Please note that this is our recommendation on the number of Christmas tree lights that are needed for trees that are decorated in the traditional style. If you are looking to decorate an outdoor tree and wish to decorate the trunk with lights as well then, you’ll need to adopt a different criterion. Discover some useful tips on this link on how best to make your Outdoor Christmas lights dazzle.

What colours of Christmas lights should you use?

Christmas tree lights are a great way to add some colour and warmth to your home. But which colours should you use?

Warm White Christmas Lights: These lights have a soft, yellowish glow that will give off the feeling of warmth in your home. The downside is that they can make the colors of your decorations look washed out.

Cool White Christmas Lights: Cool white lights have a whiter glow and can make the colours pop. They also have less energy consumption than warm white lights.

Multi-Colour Christmas Lights: Multi-coloured lights are perfect for people who want to add some colour to their tree or house without having to buy different coloured bulbs for each string of lights.

Blue Christmas Lights: Blue Christmas light can be used as an accent light or even as the only type of light on your tree if you want something more subtle and calm looking.

 Obviously, everyone has different tastes in their festive decorations and styles, so at the end of the day, if you are happy with your lights, so are we. So, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a stress free and fun festive decorating experience from all of us at Choice - A Home for All Seasons.

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