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Tips For Packing Away Your Christmas Decorations

Tips For Packing Away Your Christmas Decorations

January is nearly here and the question is pondered in all our minds of when do we decide to take on the momentous task of packing away the Christmas decorations? And not only when, but where do we start? Decisions, decisions.

To help you along the way, we have gathered a few smart tips in packing away those decorations.


First thing we need to be is motivated, have a strong coffee and apportion off part of your day exclusively dedicated to this task.

Plastic Storage

Invest in some large plastic tubs for seasonal storage, not too big that they won't fit in your attic, or that they cannot be lifted easily though. Label each box on the outside with its contents, Sharpie markers or the likes come in handy here.

Pack By Area

If you are likely to use the same decorations in the same places each year, try pack them up by that room or area, so it will make next year's decorating job, that little bit easier.

Wash Fabric Items

For fabric table runners or linen, stockings, tree skirts etc..., always wash and dry them before they are packed up. You have more chance of getting any stains out of them before they go into storage for a year. Also fold neatly in zip bags or vacuum bags where possible.

Fragile Items

Always save the original packaging where possible for those fragile items. If you have already thrown this out, use excess bubble wrap from your Christmas presents or tissue paper. Try store the most delicate ornaments on the top of storage boxes to avoid damage from other items being placed on top of them.

Indoor Christmas Lights

These are always one of the most difficult to get right. But here's how we recommend you keep them neater & tidier. Start with one end of the strand. Put the first light at the bottom of your palm and pull the 2nd light to the top (vertical across your palm). The, while you are pinching/holding the 2nd bulb, pull the 3rd bulb down the 1st. Then keep matching the odd and even bulbs. Then once you get them all in your fist…Just wrap the remaining cord around and plug it back in. Store each strand of lights in it’s own bag just in case it comes unwrapped.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

These should be taken down and stored with extra care, keeping in mind next year. Start from top to bottom. Store each strand of lights in it’s own bag to keep them from tangling up with each other. Store all your clips in one bag. If climbing, please be careful when taking down your lights and always try have someone on hand to give you a little help and ensure ladder is safe.

It's never the simplest of tasks, but hopefully by following the above tips, it makes the job that little bit easier.

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