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Tips to Manage your Garden this Summer

Tips to Manage your Garden this Summer

We love Summer in the garden, it’s such an exciting time when you see everything that is in season, but with temperatures rising, more sun, and the annoyance of those pesky pests, it is important that we give our gardens more care at this time. Some of the warning signs of a garden that needs attention are wilting plants, weeds overgrowing, the dreaded brown grass and the soil being too dry.

Our horticultural team have put together some actions to help combat the signs of an unhealthy garden during the Summer.

Never water at Night-time

Although it may seem to be a great idea to water at night when, it is recommended to try do your heaviest watering in the morning. You should only water in the evening if you think your plants really need it and avoid watering during the hottest spells of the day, as the soil will soak up more water during this period, leaving less for the plants to consume.

Feed Your Plants

Your garden plants need more than just more water during the hot spells, try adding some mulch in flower beds to help the soil retain moisture and keep your plants insulated from the increasing temperatures. Also, it is recommended to feed your plants using a reputable feed such as Miracle Gro or a similar product.

Water Smarter

Try and be smart about your watering routine, it is a general rule of thumb to water flowerbeds twice a week with plenty of water, it will prove more effective than watering more frequently with less water.

Tackle Garden Pests

We all know that garden bugs are more plentiful in the Summer, so check which bugs you are dealing with exactly and discuss with your local garden centre or horticultural store for advice on the best products to use to tackle these garden pests.

Create Shade

If possible, if a certain part of your garden and flowerbeds is overexposed to strong sunlight during the day, try and create some shade. This could be done using a tree, bamboo cluster or stunt plant.

Get Pruning & Weeding

Keep a watchful eye on your garden and prune or remove and damaged, diseased, or dead debris on your plants. Cut back any dead blooms to ensure it will grow healthier next season, through light pruning all year round, it will promote steady growth and a healthy plant. Be vigilant with weeds as they thrive off the summer heat and will steal the nutrients and water from your other plants, remove them before they spread and grow.

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