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How to Take Care of your Rugs

How to take care of your rugs

Rugs are a real cosy part of any Irish home and taking care of them can be challenging (we feel your pain) especially in high traffic areas in your house. It's a given that for the most part, we all want to keep our rugs clean, so easy rug maintenance is top of most of your priority lists.

Rugs come in all shapes, colours, sizes, textures, and thicknesses, so whether they are large, round or rectangular, oriental, patterned or plain, grey, blue or brown, we have prepared a guide on how best to take care of your rugs. It is our firm belief that a clean rug means a more content homeowner.

Some tips to keep your rugs pristine

  • To avoid dust and dirt accumulating, hoover twice a week and stay well clear of any tassels or decorative parts of the rug. You don't want to damage these, as they are one of the most delicate parts of any rug.
  • Your rugs need to be put on flat, smooth surfaces. Avoid any bumps or lumps as this will ensure your rug doesn't become creased or bent.
  • Housepets can take a shine to your rug, one for comfort and two for a place to use the toilet, so ensure your pets are house trained. Also to remove any pet hair, use a stiff brush to remove the excess.
  • It's happened to us all if there are any spillages, including the dreaded red wine stains, always dab or blot the stain. Never ever scrub and rub as this could make the stain worse.
  • If possible, do not place your rug in direct sunlight, this will help reduce any fading on the colouring of the fabric.
  • Placing heavy furniture on your rug is also a big no-no. It can leave indents in the rug and also wear them down more easily.
  • Rotate rugs regularly to ensure that they’re being worn evenly. (I would suggest rotating them 90° every six months.)
  • Rugs need to breathe, so every month or so lift the rug up from the floor and put it on top of some chairs or a table, this will help keep your rug fresh.
  • Avoid placing plants or flowers on top of or near your rugs, as a broken pot with spilled soil and water is an unnecessary mess you do not need to have in your life. Your cleaning process could possibly take on another dimension here.
  • Chemicals, cleaning sprays, disinfectants, and the like need to be kept well away from your rug, as a spillage here could do irreparable damage and permanently mark your rug.
  • If you notice any loose strings on your rug, do not pull them as it could lead to far more damage. Either consult a professional or carry out the repair yourself if you are capable.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens are not ideal places to put rugs as there is a lot of potential spillages and an abundance of moisture around. Your rug will absorb this moisture and this could lead to mould, bad odours and reduce the lifespan of your rug.
  • If your rug gets really dirty, consider a professional rug cleaning service if your budget allows it and it's economical to do so.

We want you to have your rugs as long as possible in your home, so by following the above tips, it should give your rugs an extended lifespan and improve your cleaning process along the way.

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